痒痒痒!湿疹夏天高发 用错药手尾长

Itching during the day, scratching at night. There is a skin problem that can make people feel itchy. Summer is coming, Kobayashi (pseudonym) feels that the eczema on the body is aggravated, and it can't help but violent itching. Chinese medicine experts said that summer is a high incidence of eczema, this common skin disease is easy to induce or aggravate, seriously affecting life and work. It is best to step up the standard treatment to avoid the disease becoming more and more stubborn due to improper medication, repeated attacks and difficult to control.


Eczema is often caused by internal and external wetness, and it is not easy to relapse.

Why is it easy to get eczema or eczema in summer? The famous doctor of Gushengtang and the deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ouyang Weiquan told reporters that eczema is an allergic disease. In summer, the weather is hot, the body sweats more, the skin is damp, and it is easy to be contaminated with allergens such as dust, plant pollen, mites, etc. Some people with allergic constitution are prone to irritation, causing eczema, or exacerbating the original eczema.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the summer weather is hot, and this year there is more rain, and the outside world is very heavy. The eczema itself is also because the body is wet, the internal and external combination, the human body's wetness will be very heavy, the chance of getting eczema will be higher, and the eczema will be aggravated.

Ouyang Weiquan said that the most common symptoms of eczema are pleomorphic skin lesions on the skin, including erythema, papules, blisters, and even swelling, erosion, and exudation. Many patients just can't stand the intense itching before they come to the hospital.

Eczema is also characterized by recurrent episodes. Clinically, eczema is divided into three phases: acute phase, subacute phase and chronic phase. In the acute phase and subacute phase, if the treatment is not thorough, it will become chronic eczema and recurrent. Therefore, it is necessary to treat eczema in time.


Use hormones carefully

Pure Chinese medicine treatment is good


欧阳伟泉说,用特定的皮炎,最基本的治疗方法是滋润皮肤,尽量不要使用激素。 “临床上,有些人长期使用激素,但这种疾病变得越来越顽固,难以控制。”他认为,使用纯中药治疗湿疹可以取得良好效果,使病情处于长期稳定状态。





在慢性期,皮肤变得粗大,干燥,发痒和干裂,不能湿润,可以用一些中药膏擦,但你必须寻找“国药准字体”。 “今天市场上有很多药膏,数量是'weixiao font size',有添加激素的可能性。”他说激素乳膏在短期使用中有很好的效果,但长期使用有很多副作用,所以一定要保持警惕。

In addition to external treatment, Chinese medicine also emphasizes "internal adjustment". Ouyang Weiquan said that eczema, Chinese medicine called "wet sores", wet evil throughout the entire disease is always: acute phase, patients are obviously wet; in the chronic phase, because the skin becomes very dry, many doctors think that there is no Wet, often with some methods of nourishing and moisturizing, this is not appropriate. "I personally think that there is still a dampness in the body during the chronic phase. Only when the body is wet and the body is stable, can the disease be stable for a long time."

"Treatment of eczema, many prescriptions have a good effect, but how to use it requires a very professional knowledge." He believes that many of the prescriptions are too powerful, can not be used casually, must first be accurate to dialectical drugs, otherwise it is very harmful.

Dialogue with Ouyang Weiquan

Q: got eczema, how to care?

Ouyang Weiquan: Keep your skin dry and clean. Clean the skin every day in the summer: When the weather is very hot, you can take two baths a day, but the bath must be fast, do not bathe in the shower, and dry quickly after washing. In addition, use less body wash to prevent allergies and irritate skin lesions. If you get eczema, don't swim, it may cause eczema to worsen.

Q: What should I do if pregnant women and babies get eczema?

Ouyang Weiquan: Once pregnant women get eczema, do not use their own medicine, you can find a professional doctor. If you avoid the drugs that pregnant women are contraindicated (such as blood circulation, toxic drugs), you can still take some Chinese medicine to eat. Baby skin is delicate, so do not use topical medicines that are particularly irritating and high in concentration.

Q: got eczema, what should I pay attention to in my daily life?

Ouyang Weiquan: People with allergies should try to avoid allergic factors such as dust, mites, pollen, chemical fiber and chemical products. Appropriate taboos such as shrimps and crabs, beef and mutton, egg milk, and even peanuts and wheat.
















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